Future Girls

Coerver Ontario is pleased to endorse the Future Girls Soccer Program

At Future Girls’ Soccer, our inspiring guidance, professionally-organized sessions and motivating environment all combine to help young girls believe in their potential and maximize their soccer skills. Our licensed coaching staff is an All-Female team with decades of coaching and playing experience in the NCAA and on the International stage. Having ‘been there’, our Future Girls coaches can relate to your daughter and determine the best way to unleash her true potential. Our mission is to develop all of our players into strong young ladies, impressive soccer players and healthy athletes.

Our 90 minute sessions are dedicated to Coerver Essential Ball-Mastery skills, performance fitness and achieving maximum touches on the ball in a 3v3 game format. Our soccer academy is open to the many multi-sport girls in Oakville, Milton, Burlington and Halton because we passionately believe as female athletes ourselves in the power of sport to build strong young ladies. By offering Pro-rated session fees, ‘Pay as You Play’ or ‘Come Try It’ options, we provide an opportunity for the young female athlete to maintain and improve their ball skills even while playing another sport. This unique cornerstone of the Future Girls Soccer academy along with our inspiring approach and motivating tactics to enable your daughter to see what she is truly capable of is the Future Girls vision. We look forward to working with your daughter on her soccer journey.